System info:

Intel 486DX 33MHz (over-oscilated to 40MHz) ISA
8 Meg (8 - 1meg x 9 (3 chip) 70ns
64 Kb external processor cache
CTX 14 inch NI SVGA monitor
WD90C30 (Paradise chipset) Video card w/ 1Mb Dram
Practical Peripherals 14400FXHC (internal)
Sound Blaster 16 w/ASP chip
Acculogic sIDE-4/HP (Multi-I/O, IDE Controller)
Adaptec 1540B (1540Bs100) Bus Mastering SCSI-2 Host Adapter
Mouse Systems Serial Bus Card ("COM-5")
-(provides a third independent serial port. (Addr:338, IRQ:10))
TEAC High Density 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 drives
Jumbo 120 Tape drive (floppy interface)
SCSI-2 Toshiba 3401B-TA CDROM drive (ID:3)
WD2420 (420 MB) IDE Hard Drive
-(partitioned into 4 drives) C:DOS D:windose E:stuff F:WARP!
EPSON LQ-500 printer

Software I run:

Software I have had problems with:

Nothing that was important.

Hardware problems:

SVGA.EXE reports incorrect information about the video card which causes the WPS screen to be drawn incorrectly at resolutions above 640x480x16colors. I've replaced the WARP SVGA.EXE with the OS/2 2.1 SVGA.EXE. It's not a complete fix, but this allows me to configure the WPS screen to 800x600x256colors.

Thomas Baker

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