System info:

Cirrus 5422 video card
Connor 120MB IDE HD, Maxtor 540MB SCSI HD (Trentor 130b adapter)
Pegasus 14.4 external Modem
Pro Audio Spectrum 16
NEC-25 external CD-ROM
Colorado 120MB tape backup drive
2 Teac Drives (3.5/5.25)
HP Deskjet 550C
"Power II" Monitor (generic Sony)

Software I run:

Software I have had problems with:

IAK has problems at 14.4 since I don't have a 16550 UART. Solution: (weird, but) don't use the mouse while downloading. The mouse uses the same UART as the modem. The keyboard does not cause errors, just mouse movements.

Nearly every DOS game that uses dos4g.exe does not get sound.
NeuralWorks (neural network software from Kosto "Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems")
My Windows NT demo CD-ROM.

Hardware problems:

The PAS-16 uses a generic trentor scsi adaptor. The Trentor 130B is not supported. OS/2 demands to install using the PAS-16, even though the CD-ROM in on the Trentor SCSI card. Fix: change the installation disk 1 to only load the trentor scsi driver. After rebooting, change the config.sys to only install the trentor scsi driver.


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