System info:

P5-90 (no FPU error) overclocked to 100 MHz.
Random Taiwanese motherboard.
CIS chipset, AMI bios, 3 PCI slots, 4 ISA slots. EIDE controller, 2 serial, 1 parallel, on board.
32MB RAM (16x2).
ATI Win-turbo PCI video card.
(This is an OEM version of the Mach 64 Pro Turbo, however the 2 Meg VRAM cannot be upgraded to 4.)
Adaptek 2940 PCI SCSI-2 controller
Micropolis MC4221 2Gig SCSI HD
Old 500MB Fugitsu (non-enhanced) IDE Hard Disk.
Intel 144i internal modem.
Sound Blaster 16 ASP.
NEC 4FGe 15" monitor.
HP Laserjet 4P printer.

Software I run:

Software I have had problems with:

Arts and Letters for Windog
Would not install.

Warp IAK NewsReader/2 and Gopher
These would not run, no matter what I did, until a fairly recent release. Now there is no problem. The rest of the IAK runs flawlessly.

Hardware problems:

None with the Mach64, however I used to have a Mach32 (ATI Graphics Ultra Pro) and I found the ATI Mach32 drivers to be exceedingly stercoraceous.

The NEC allows 1024x768 at 76 Hz which is real nice, but I am not otherwise impressed with the NEC. It has distorted edges along the top centimeter. I would not buy another.

George R. Welch

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