Product Reviews

As members of the group review various OS/2 related product's, they should write a short report on their findings. These reports are reproduced here, with the authors' permission.

Some of these products are sent to the group by the manufacturer, and these have restrictions. A list of software available for review by group members is available, and here are the guidelines for review.

BackMaster -vs- Sytos
This fairly biased review pits BackMaster 1.1 and Sytos Premium 2.0 backup software. It was written by George R. Welch on 3 April 1995.

Sytos Premium 2.0
This is a product review of Sytos Premium 2.0 written by Dwight Miller on 1 April 1995. Dwight is a long time Sytos user, and has good insight into the product.

Teach Yourself Rexx...
This is a book review by Dwight Miller of Teach Yourself Rexx in 21 Days by Bill & Esther Schindler. Dwight is a long time programmer, and OS/2 user, and has good insight into the usefulness of the book.

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