This is a list of OS/2 resources on campus at TAMU.

* Software at PCSELL
CIS has acquired site licenses for some OS/2 software. These shareware titles have registrations numbers available to all TAMU students and staff at no charge, and are available at the PC Software Evaluation and Licensing Library (PCSELL), Room 2C, Teague:
+ PM-view
A very nice PM based image view/editor.
+ Neologic Netsuite
A networking suite including a newsreader, and graphical ftp and gopher clients. (The FTP demon that is part of the suite is not licensed.)
(A letter announcing this arrangement appeared in the 1 November 1995 edition of Maroon&Blue )

* News group
The usenet news group for the TAMU OS/2 users is tamu.micro.os2.

* CS department OS/2 lab.
This resources is only in the planning stage, and not yet available.

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