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Texas A&M University
OS/2 Users' Group

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Maroon&Blue is the newsletter of the TAMU OS/2 Users Group. Edited by M. J. Mach, this fine publication chronicles the club's meetings and events of interest to OS/2 users everywhere.

Here are some things to explore:

OS/2 Resources
We have a modest list of OS/2 resources on campus for TAMU OS/2 users.

Product Reviews
These are reviews written by club members reviewing various OS/2 related products.

Users' systems
This link provides information on what hardware and software configurations various TAMU users are running.

Member-Contributed Stuff
Here is cool stuff for OS/2 mostly contributed by members of this group.

Minutes of the last few Group meetings
These are notes written by George, and are just plain ascii files. Most of the information is duplicated in the newsletters, but if you want it simple, this is where they are.

Some links off campus

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