The Maroon and Blue logo was assembled with many tools:

I created the 8-bar-font ``BLUE'', using xpaint on a my linux peecee. It was drawn from scratch, so you should all slobber over my artistic talent. The traditional 8-bar IBM logo served as my inspiration, and I modelled the B (the only common letter) as closely as my eye permitted. The whole gif is 648x246, and the bars are 16 pixels high and spaced by 16 pixels.

I created the pretty script "Maroon" with Ami-Pro for OS/2. I just typed in the word Maroon, and selected the Shelley-Allegro-Script font at 72 point. Then I grabbed the whole Ami-Pro window with PM-Jpeg, and cropped it down to just the Maroon. I saved that as an OS/2 bitmap, (it was 609x212), and edited that with the OS/2 bitmap editor to change the background to white and the foreground to a nice maroon (rgb=149/0/0). Finally, I converted the bitmap to GIF with PM-view.

I created the & with latex. It is cmr17 at magstep 5. Don't you all just love Computer Modern. I displayed the & with xdvi, and while displaying at scale 1, I grabbed the xdvi window with xv on my linux machine.

Having GIF's of the three items, I scaled their sizes to suit myself, and changed them to xpm's with xv. I edited the xpm's with vi to make the backgrounds transparent. I then displayed them on the screen with sxpm, and moved them around as I pleased with the fvwm window manager. Once I got them the way I liked (with the Maroon above the BLUE, and both overlapping the &) I grabbed the window with xv, and saved it as a GIF.

If you would like to grab just the gif, here is the link.

George R. Welch
Tue Mar 21 16:42:04 CST 1995.