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1 November 1995.             Vol. 2 No. 3

Happy Birthday, OS/2 Warp

On October 11, 1995, OS/2 Warp celebrated its first birthday. Nearly four million copies of OS/2 Warp have been sold in this past year. More than 125 software developers have announced plans to offer new native OS/2 applications. Currently, 2,500 OS/2 applications are on the market today. IBM Press Release (October 11, 1995)

Post Road Mailer Contest

Post Road Mailer, a program created by Innoval Systems Solutions, is an Internet e-mail program for OS/2 which claims to support multiple address books, mailing lists, MIME, and message filtering.

Trying a demo copy of the Post Road Mailer will qualify you to win a $500 gift certificate from Indelible Blue. Our OS/2 group will also receive a matching $500 certificate and a $1,000 donation will be made to the local Special Olympics in our group s name.

In addition, by taking a short quiz on OS/2, you will be eligible to win a copy of KidProof/2 from Pinnacle Technology. (KidProof/2 is a program that allows multiple users access to the same system by giving each user his or her own desktop.) Here is a sample question:

10. The best operating system for today s personal system is. . .

OS/2 Warp
Windows 95
Windows 3.11

Drawings will be held each Friday during November. An official entry form, rules and further information can be found on the web site: .

OS/2 Tip: Running chkdsk

by Neal (

Normally, OS/2 will only run the check disk program for correcting file errors, chkdsk, when the system reboots after a crash. If you want OS/2 to run chkdsk every time you reboot, add a + [plus] sign in front of the drive letter in your config.sys file. For example, if you want to always run chkdsk on drive D, you would type: IFS=C:\OS2\HPFS.IFS /AUTOCHECK:C+D. This also works for FAT partitions. In that case, you might, for example, type: DISKCACHE=1024,LW,32,AC:C+D.

Meeting Notes. . .

About ten people attended the meeting on October 3 for almost two hours of lively, non-stop discussion. Jason shared his scary experience with a Win95 CD-ROM. (It s a bird, it s a plane, it s a flying CD-ROM.) Other topics included partitioning a one gig FAT drive, defining the components of Warp Connect, and using PPP. The meeting also included demonstrations of JView, Bored, and PMBio. JView is a shareware freehand drawing and image editing program. Bored, a simple program that displays the word bored on the screen, was created by its programmer in an effort to see how quickly he could create a graphical application in OS/2. The group enjoyed the final demonstration, PMBio, a graphical biorhythm program, the most.

Finally, Neal announced that he would no longer be able to lead the meetings and asked for volunteers to take over.

OS/2 Professional Announces Annual OS/2 Awards

OS/2 Professional has announced its third annual award winners recognizing the best in OS/2 Warp for 1995. The awards recognize the achievements of individuals, products, and corporations that have contributed to the growth and productivity of OS/2 Warp. In the product categories, only new software is eligible. As such, the many improvements in existing products are not reflected in this year s awards.

As Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Edwin Black asserts, We gave our awards to a distinguished few. But the fact is that anyone who perseveres in OS/2 despite IBM deserves a medal.

OS/2 Professional's highest year-end honors are as follows:

Best New OS/2 Application:
Best New OS/2 Utility:
Partition Magic
Best New Communications Package:
HyperAccess for OS/2
Best New Backup Program:
BackAgain/2 Pro
Best New Development Tool:
IBM VisualAge C++
Best OS/2 Marketing Campaign:
DeScribe Voyager
Media Award:
Nicholas Petreley (Infoworld)
Corporate Commitment:
Stardock Systems
Outstanding IBM Executive:
Steve Mills, general manager IBM SWS
Best Hardware:
IBM Butterfly (Thinkpad 701C)
OS/2 Pro of the Year:
Mark Elliot, VP of Software Marketing IBM Europe

A full account and listing of previous years winners can be found in the forthcoming November/December issue of OS/2 Professional. --comp.os.os2.announce (October 27, 1995)

Letter to the Editor

I have given the PC Software Evaluation and Licensing Library (PCSELL) copies of OS/2 shareware programs which the CIS has licensed for unlimited TAMU academic use. These programs include: PMView (a GIF/JPEG/etc. picture viewer) and NeoLogic NetSuite, which includes a newsreader, graphical FTP program and gopher. The FTP daemon program contained in the suite is not licensed.

PCSELL also has the registrations codes for folks who have already downloaded or ftp'd these programs and just need them registered. --Bill Chase

This is a great example of OS/2 support on campus. The PC Software Evaluation and Licensing Library is part of the Computing Services Center and is located in room 2C in the Teague Building. They can be contacted at 862-4104 or --M. J. Mach, Editor

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