Comparison of BackMaster and Sytos Premium
Tape Drive Backup Software

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Feature BackMaster Sytos
Window Size resizable fixed
Number of Driver Per Tape Volume single-drive backup multi-drive backup
Overwrite Protection will not overwrite overwrite or append option
On-Screen Information for User percent bar (amount completed); number of bytes remaining; number of bytes selected percent bar (amount completed)
Automatic Backup Verification yes yes
CPU Priority low priority sporadically CPU intensive
Menu Bar fixed menu bar menu bar changes with operating mode (very distracting)
Data Selection Procedure uses WPS style menu uses buttons (select/deselect button is far too close to open/close directory button)
Quick File Access/Compression QFA with compression Either QFA or compression, not both
Amount of Tape Used Per Backup more data per tape seems to skip beginning of tracks, somewhat less bytes/tape
Stability no crashes reproducible crashes during file selection
Primary User aimed at home user (no network) aimed at server (network)

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